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@discoverycomm #SharkWeek cupcakes from @georgetowncupcake! #KingOfSummer (at Discovery Communications)
Summer nights. Summer running. #HannahRunsDC #Georgetown #KennedyCenter (at Georgetown Waterfront Park)
Wrapping up our #DiscoveryINtern week by saying how incredibly thankful and lucky I am to be a @discoverycomm intern. It’s been an incredible opportunity to network, hear from the best in the business and learn more about the world of media. (at Discovery Communications)
The 20th Duggar child? Or just Hannah the #DiscoveryINtern? We may never know. #TLC (at Discovery Communications)
@discoverycomm seems to be follow me. Even at the bus stop. And I’m totally ok with that. #DiscoveryINtern
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At @discoverycomm, we get quite the greeting at the door… #DiscoveryINtern (at Discovery Communications)
Cathedral football.  (at Washington National Cathedral)

notparticularlyparticular said: I'm already obsessed as well! what kind of stuff did you have to go through to be admitted to a school over there? my dream school is the University of Sydney and I've done some basic research but I'm still a little unclear about what goes on before I go over there. was it difficult to get in? and how are the people? are they accepting? I'm really nervous but also incredibly excited! I'm do glad I found someone to talk to all of this about!

I went through my school at home to apply. So I just filled out UNSWs application, mailed it there and then it was all set. I did a “direct enrollment” option so I went to Australia completely on my own and was a full time student at UNSW but paid tuition to my home university. It was non competitive for me to get in as long as I met the requirements of my school.
Aussies are amazing. They are so incredibly friendly and welcoming. I made friends right away. The only that really turned me off about them is that they pretty much go with the flow and don’t plan anything in advance, and I’m a real planner so I had a hard time getting people to commit to anything. They love to go to the beach and drink, but that’s the typical Aussie stereotype, but it’s totally true depending on the groups of people you meet. I miss them. They are just the nicest group of people I’ve met. I lived in a college so with a bunch of other 18-22 year olds which was a ridiculous amount of fun. Sydney is such an amazing city. It has many different neighborhoods and places to explore! And going to the harbor never loses its novelty :)

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